Ted Cruz’s Baseless Claim: Democrats Hate Clarence Thomas for Being a Black Conservative

In a recent Fox News interview, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused Democrats of hating conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas simply because he’s a Black man. This statement comes amid ongoing ethics investigations into Justice Thomas after reports revealed he failed to disclose costly gifts and trips.

During the interview, Cruz praised Thomas, stating, “He’s been one of the greatest Supreme Court justices ever to serve on the court. He has been a principal constitutionalist.” However, he didn’t address the ethics allegations against Thomas, choosing instead to focus on the alleged “special degree of hate” Democrats have for him.

Cruz claimed that Democrats view African-Americans as “not allowed to be conservative” and “not allowed to disagree with left-wing orthodoxy.” He further insisted that liberal justices have also accepted trips without facing accusations of ethics violations.

The baseless accusations made by Cruz serve as a distraction from the legitimate concerns raised by the ethics investigations. By shifting the focus to race and partisanship, Cruz attempts to discredit any criticism of Justice Thomas as purely politically motivated.

For The Young Turks’ millennial audience, this story emphasizes the importance of holding politicians and public figures accountable for their statements and actions. It’s crucial to challenge misleading narratives and stay informed about the real issues at hand, rather than getting caught up in divisive rhetoric.