Roy Wood Jr. Roasts DeSantis, CRT, and Justice Clarence Thomas at WHCD

At this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Daily Show comedian Roy Wood Jr. didn’t hold back, targeting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Republicans’ attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT), and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Wood pointed out that DeSantis has managed to rile up people over issues they don’t fully understand, comparing the confusion around CRT to that of cryptocurrency and NFTs. He argued that if Republicans were honest about what CRT really is, they might find some common ground with the Black community.

Wood continued by saying that anti-CRT policies are an attack on Black history and an attempt to erase the contributions of Black people from history books. He joked that many Black people might not mind some of that erasure, as long as it’s applied to Clarence Thomas.

The comedian then turned his attention to billionaire Harlan Crow, who has allegedly been flying Justice Thomas around the world on unreported trips, comparing the situation to an Instagram model getting paid vacations. Wood marveled at the idea that a billionaire could purchase a Supreme Court Justice, highlighting the audacity of buying “a black one on top of that.”

For The Young Turks’ millennial readers, this blog post serves as a reminder of the importance of humor in discussing and dissecting political issues. Roy Wood Jr.’s comedic take on current events highlights the absurdity of some political stances while encouraging us to stay informed and engaged.