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GOP Speaker’s Abortion Stance Met with Skepticism Amid Political Pressure

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson's recent assertion that he would not pursue a federal abortion ban has drawn widespread skepticism from reproductive rights advocates. In an interview with Politico, Johnson explicitly stated that he does not foresee pushing for any nationwide legislation on abortion, aligning with former President Trump's position that the issue should remain under state jurisdiction following the Dobbs decision. Despite his personal pro-life stance, Johnson cited the need for political consensus and the varied philosophies of his congressional colleagues as reasons for his stance. However, reproductive rights groups and Democratic politicians are wary of taking Johnson's statements at face value. Mini Timmaraju, President and CEO of Reproductive Freedom for All, argued that Johnson's...

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    The Billion Dollar Delusion: Why a Wealth Tax Is Long Overdue

    In an era where billionaires' fortunes have nearly doubled since 2017—thanks to generous tax cuts—it's become increasingly clear that nobody truly "earns" a billion dollars. This windfall, amassed under the guise of shrewd business, is often the result of exploitation, inheritance, and capital's intrinsic ability to multiply itself at the expense of the many. As U.S. billionaires sit on a combined wealth of $5.8 trillion, the question isn't whether we need a wealth tax; it’s why we haven't implemented one yet. James K. Boyce, a venerated voice in the progressive economic community, sheds light on the obscene growth of billionaire wealth and its connection to both environmental degradation and economic inequality. Boyce, whose expertise has earned...