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GM and Ford’s 1% Tax Game: How Auto Giants Dodge Taxes While Striking Workers Get the Shaft

You might think that dodging taxes is a sport mainly played by Silicon Valley tech moguls or your fave offshore billionaires. Well, guess again! GM and Ford are upping their game in the tax evasion Olympics, and they're on the medal stand. The 1% Tax Game Here's the skinny: General Motors and Ford have, over the last five years, raked in a whopping $34 billion and $8 billion, respectively. You'd think with that kind of dough, they'd be showering their workers with living wages, right? Wrong. According to a fresh analysis by Americans for Tax Fairness, these auto titans have managed to pay just an average of 1% in federal income taxes. Yeah, you read that right,...

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    Silenced by The Shopping Giant: Amazon’s NDAs Clamp Down on Workers’ Voices

    You’d think a behemoth like Amazon would be too busy with drones and Prime deliveries to stifle their workers' voices, but recent allegations point in a disturbing direction. In a move that’s causing a stir, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is calling out Amazon for some sneaky nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). These aren't your standard "don't spill the beans on company secrets" documents. Instead, they seem like sweeping gag orders that effectively mute workers, making even water cooler talk about work a no-go zone. Imagine clocking in for a day's work and not being able to discuss, well, work. Sounds ludicrous, right? Yet, Mary Kate Paradis from Amazon's PR corner insists that their NDAs are just like every...