Trump’s Team Cries “Rigged” and Avoids Debating at Reagan Library

Liz Harrington, a spokesperson for former President Donald Trump, recently declared that Trump would not participate in debates at the Reagan Library, claiming the event is “rigged” against him. The statement came after a Newsmax host mentioned Trump’s suggestion that he might not appear in primary debates.

Harrington defended Trump’s debating skills, stating, “everyone knows President Trump will win any debate, and the people want to see him.” However, she questioned why he should enter a “rigged, stacked system” that has allegedly tried to set him up in the past. Harrington specifically pointed out the Reagan Library’s connection to The Washington Post publisher as a reason for her skepticism.

Trump has implied that he will forgo all primary debates and only participate in debates against President Joe Biden. This move by Trump’s team can be seen as an attempt to control the narrative around the former president while avoiding potentially challenging situations. It’s a classic Trumpian move, dodging accountability and making excuses to maintain his image among supporters.

For the millennial readers of The Young Turks, this story highlights the ongoing tactics used by Trump and his team to manipulate public perception and avoid engaging in genuine political discourse. As young progressives, it’s crucial to stay informed and challenge the narratives put forth by those seeking to manipulate the truth for their own advantage.