Senator Tim Scott to Striking Workers: ‘You Strike, You’re Fired’?!

The United Auto Workers (UAW) is taking GOP Senator and 2024 presidential hopeful Tim Scott to task, and rightfully so. Why? The man had the audacity to suggest that employees who strike should be fired. Wait, isn’t this the 21st century?

Senator Scott’s Blast from the Past

During a campaign event in Iowa, Scott reminisced fondly about former President Ronald Reagan’s decision to can over 11,000 striking air traffic controllers. The big difference though: those air traffic controllers were federal employees. Yet, Senator Scott saw fit to disparage the UAW’s fight for better pay, benefits, and a sane workweek, suggesting they too should face the axe.

“You strike, you’re fired,” he declared. Mic drop.

A Little Labor Law Refresher

For those who need a refresher (looking at you, Senator Scott), the National Labor Relations Act makes it crystal clear: employers cannot mess with employees’ rights to collective bargaining.

The complaint, originally spotted by The Intercept, makes the intriguing argument that, while Scott is obviously a Senator, his current presidential run makes him an employer in his own right. The core of the complaint? Scott’s fiery remarks could be seen as a direct threat against his own campaign staffers! Remember, their right to strike is as federal as it gets.

The UAW Claps Back

Shawn Fain, the UAW’s president, had a thing or two to say about this debacle. On social media, he lambasted Scott’s comments, pointing out that this was yet another sad instance of the “employer class” trampling over America’s working class.

“Employers willfully violate labor law with little to no repercussions,” Fain exclaimed. A sentiment we can all get behind: more stringent laws to shield workers’ rights, please!

The Larger Labor Landscape

Amidst this drama, the UAW’s battle rages on. Reports suggest more locals are gearing up to join the striking workforce, with around 13,000 autoworkers already making their stand in Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. As the Big Three car manufacturers play hardball, the likelihood of an extended strike is growing.

Axios, citing insider sources, claimed that a labor deal with the UAW looks pretty unlikely before the imminent deadline. The union has some tough choices ahead – keep up the selective strike strategy, or go all out by targeting the big fish: the factories crafting those high-profit pickup trucks.

Bottom Line?

In a time when workers are demanding their fair share and basic respect, Senator Tim Scott’s dated mindset is, at best, out of touch. The fight for workers’ rights continues, and the UAW is leading the charge. Stay woke, TYT Nation, and keep supporting the cause!