Netanyahu’s Bold Map Move: Erasing Palestine and Redrawing Reality?

The world has seen many audacious moves, but the recent show at the United Nations General Assembly takes the cake. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showcased a rather “innovative” map of “The New Middle East,” where Palestine was nowhere to be seen. Can you even imagine?

The Map Without Palestine

So here’s the scoop: Amidst a sea of empty seats at the UNGA, Netanyahu, leader of what many dub as the most extreme Israeli government in history, dropped this bombshell. He presented a series of maps, conveniently missing the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. Yeah, those same Palestinian territories Israel has been occupying illegally since 1967. A little selective geography, perhaps?

Historical Revisionism Much?

It doesn’t stop there. Middle East Eye shed light on how Netanyahu also flashed a 1948 map of Israel. What’s wild about that? It wrongfully showcased the Palestinian territories as part of Israel. Mind you, this was the year that saw over 750,000 Arabs pushed out to establish the modern Jewish state.

Laith Arafeh, the Palestinian Ambassador to Germany, took to social media to express the blatant disregard for foundational UN principles. The display was a stark erasure of Palestine and its people, even as there were efforts to coat it with a veneer of ‘peace’ in the region.

The Bigger Picture

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such audacity. Israeli officials, including those in Netanyahu’s inner circle, have in the past endorsed maps that blur the boundaries, absorbing parts of Palestine, Lebanon, and even Syria into what’s presented as a “Greater Israel.”

This move further solidifies Netanyahu’s ultra-nationalist stance, coming during a time when many argue Israel is moving towards the “de jure annexation” of the West Bank. It’s a clear narrative: expand, erase, and redraw.

The Abraham Accords: A Peace Facade?

Netanyahu wrapped up this controversial display by showcasing the increasing normalization of relations with Arab countries, thanks to the Abraham Accords—a legacy of former U.S. President Donald Trump. While he heralded the dawn of a new age of peace and a breakthrough between Israel and Saudi Arabia, critics argue it’s all a smokescreen.

The reality? Peace with apartheid Israel and Arab dictatorships might very well sideline Palestinian rights. Look no further than Morocco, where the U.S. gave a nod to its annexation of Western Sahara in return for peace with Israel.

Déjà Vu?

This isn’t Netanyahu’s first rodeo with props. Flashback to 2012, when he whipped out a cartoon bomb at the General Assembly, alluding to Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons progress—a claim both U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies debunked.

In conclusion, maps may be redrawn and narratives reshaped, but the reality on the ground speaks volumes. It’s up to us, TYT Nation, to stay informed and challenge these audacious rewrites of history.