It’s Time to Take Aim at Lax Gun Laws: Philly DA Blasts Legislators’ Complacency After Mass Shooting

In a riveting Tuesday press conference, Philadelphia’s District Attorney Larry Krasner unleashed a powerful tirade on the all-too-familiar topic of mass shootings in America. His city was the latest to bear the brunt of this nationwide scourge, a grim tally marking five lives lost and two people wounded on Monday.

Across the nation, city after city battered by these deadly events echoes the same refrain of anger and frustration. Their pleas for assistance evolve into pressing demands for action. But as the toll rises, so does the apparent apathy from those with the power to effect change.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, only days earlier, illustrated the stark reality we face. He underscored how in our current society, a 14-year-old can easily assemble a gun and commit a crime. Yet, obtaining Claritin D from a local CVS is more challenging. The mayor expressed his disdain for the incessant blame game of partisan politics. He rightfully argued that it doesn’t matter where the violence happens or where the guns originate – what should matter is that people are dying. And that’s something we should be acting on, every single day.

Krasner shares this sentiment wholeheartedly. His frustration seethed over on Tuesday, as he took Pennsylvania’s legislature to task for their lackluster gun laws. He compared the glaring lack of reasonable gun regulation in his state to neighboring New Jersey and Delaware, both of which boast comprehensive firearm legislation.

The District Attorney did not mince his words. He threw down the gauntlet to those in the legislature, including those proudly flaunting their AR-15 lapel pins. He challenged them to face the voters, asserting that if they fail to act, then it’s the voters’ responsibility to vote them out.

As Krasner vehemently expressed, “That lapel pin means I am against you. I am against your safety. And I can tell you a lot of us have had enough of it.”

In this latest tragic episode, the alleged gunman was a 40-year-old individual, dressed in a ballistic vest and armed with an “AR-type rifle,” with multiple magazines. It’s clear that this pattern can’t go on.

But the question remains: When will our lawmakers heed the call to action? Will they continue to ignore the urgent demands for common-sense gun legislation, or will they finally listen to the voices of their constituents and prioritize our safety? We, the voters, have the power to push for this change, and it’s high time we exercised it.