It’s Time to Hold Trump Accountable for His Actions

Are you tired of seeing Donald Trump evade accountability for his role in the notorious Jan. 6 insurrection and his subsequent actions? If so, you’re not alone. Joining the chorus demanding justice is prominent legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, who’s voicing the need for swift, decisive action from law enforcement.

The catalyst for Kirschner’s recent outcry? The arrest of a heavily armed Jan. 6 defendant found worryingly close to former President Barack Obama’s Washington D.C. residence. This disturbing development has brought Trump’s responsibility into sharper focus.

Seattle resident Taylor Taranto, 37, was apprehended with two guns, a whopping 400 rounds of ammunition, and a machete in his van. Not exactly the inventory of someone on a peaceful mission.

In a recent YouTube video, Kirschner highlighted a question asked by world leaders to President Joe Biden: why hasn’t Donald Trump been held accountable for the insurrection on Jan. 6? Surely, this is a question many of us are asking. While we don’t know what Biden’s response has been to this query, the ex-President’s unchallenged, extremely perilous conduct is, to say the least, infuriating.

For Kirschner, and indeed many of us, Trump continues to pose an active threat to public safety and the very fabric of American democracy. The analyst expressed his exasperation, saying, “I am sick and tired of Donald Trump endangering our communities, endangering our society, and endangering American democracy with nothing being done to address the danger.”

Trump’s audacity extends even to his Truth Social website, where he posted Barack Obama’s Washington D.C. home address—an address that Taranto then reposted. Such a brazen disregard for the safety of another former president is frankly, staggering.

Most disturbingly, Taranto traveled to the nation’s capital on the invitation of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.), who offered Jan. 6 defendants a chance to view security footage from the insurrection for their defense.

Kirschner has labeled Trump’s actions as “so disheartening, so corrosive to the rule of law,” calling them the “antithesis of justice.”

And let’s face it, he’s right. So, where does that leave us? If we value our democracy and the rule of law, we need to demand accountability. Trump’s conduct can no longer go unchallenged. We need to stand up, speak out, and insist on justice. Enough is enough. It’s time for the rule of law to reign supreme.