Ex-Trump Aide Rings Alarm Bells: Trump’s Dangerous Talk of Execution

In a stunning revelation on ABC’s “The View,” Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former Trump administration official, has sounded a dire warning about the peril of a second Trump presidency. Griffin, now a co-host on the show, didn’t mince words when discussing the potential dangers of Trump’s return to the White House: “If you thought the first term of Trump was bad, buckle up.”

Griffin, who served as the White House Director of Strategic Communications under Trump, laid bare a chilling incident that exposes the former president’s disturbing mindset. She recounted an Oval Office meeting where Trump, infuriated by a leak about his visit to the bunker during the George Floyd protests, declared that the leaker should be executed. This isn’t hyperbole or political rhetoric; this is a direct account from someone who witnessed Trump’s authoritarian tendencies firsthand.

Her testimony aligns with Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender’s book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,” where he described similar instances of Trump’s explosive anger and his calls for the execution of those he considered traitors.

Trump’s history of inciting violence and suggesting execution for his critics and opponents is well-documented. From labeling reporters as “scumbags” deserving execution, as told by former National Security Advisor John Bolton, to calling for a death sentence for Hunter Biden over alleged tax crimes, Trump’s language has been consistently violent and dangerous.

This pattern of behavior is more than just troubling rhetoric; it’s a stark reminder of the authoritarian and fascist tendencies that Trump displayed throughout his term. As Henry Giroux, a scholar at McMaster University, points out, Trump’s rhetoric has fostered a culture of misinformation, truth denial, and an alarming rise in violence and lawlessness. Trump’s words and actions echo the dangerous demagoguery seen in historical fascist regimes, emboldening extremist followers and encouraging violence.

Griffin’s warning is clear and should not be taken lightly. Her first-hand account and the corroborating evidence from other sources paint a picture of a leader who not only tolerates but encourages violence against those who oppose him. As we approach another presidential election, it’s crucial to heed these warnings and recognize the threat that a second Trump term poses to the fundamental principles of democracy, law, and order. The alarm bells are ringing, and it’s time for us to listen.