Jamie Raskin Stands Up for Due Process: Why He’s Holding Off on the Santos Vote

George Santos, the so-called “uber-liar,” was nearly shown the exit door from Congress this week. Some of his own GOP mates from New York think he’s a liability, so they put forth a bold move: let’s boot Santos. But plot twist! The effort to give Santos the boot needed a two-thirds majority and fell short with 179 ayes against 213 nays.

The vote wasn’t just your typical left vs. right divide. Sure, the majority of Republicans rallied behind Santos, but there were GOP rebels—24 of them—who were ready to send Santos packing. Most Democrats? They were prepped to say “bye, Felicia” to him. But, and here’s where it gets juicy, 31 Dems decided against handing him the pink slip.

Enter stage left: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Maryland’s pride and joy, and a progressive fav. Despite the left’s rallying cry to expel Santos, Raskin took a stance that might surprise some. Dubbing himself a “Constitution guy”, Raskin emphasized that Santos—though under federal indictment—hasn’t been proven guilty or found in breach of House rules. To Raskin, due process isn’t just a principle; it’s the foundation of justice. But don’t get it twisted. Raskin’s not saying he’s Team Santos forever. If the ongoing House Ethics Committee drops evidence against Santos or if Santos is convicted, Raskin’s ready to switch gears and vote him out.

So, the takeaway? It’s a tangled web in Congress, but amidst the drama, it’s refreshing to see leaders like Raskin hold onto principles, reminding us that due process still matters, even in the political arena.