Ivanka Trump Plays the ‘Undue Hardship’ Card to Dodge Fraud Trial Testimony

Can we talk about the audacity for a second? So, Ivanka Trump, yes, the daughter of the one and only ex-President Trump, is trying to hit the brakes on her upcoming testimony. And why, you might ask? She claims it would cause her “undue hardship” to take the stand during a school week. Talk about a convenient excuse!

The Trump family drama is like the reality show that just won’t get canceled. Now playing: The New York civil fraud trial, where Ivanka has been summoned to drop some truth bombs. But hold up, she’s in Florida, busy being a mom, and New York is just…well, it’s not on her calendar.

Her legal team’s latest plot twist involves begging the judge to put a pin in her testimony. Apparently, showing up would be too much of a struggle because she’s moved on from New York since 2017 and isn’t even a co-defendant anymore. I mean, come on, since when does moving states give you a get-out-of-testimony-free card?

But wait, it gets better. She doesn’t just want to skip her own testimony; she wants the court to put the whole fraud trial on pause. That’s right, pump the brakes on the entire legal showdown involving Daddy Trump, her brothers, and their company, all until her appeal gets some airtime.