Gag Order or Trump Card? Donald Takes a $10K Hit in Latest Courtroom Drama

Trump, apparently not satisfied with just being a former Commander-in-Chief, thought he could add ‘courtroom commentator’ to his list of accolades. Despite a strict gag order warning him against badmouthing court staff, Trump couldn’t resist throwing shade. His target? Judge Arthur Engoron, whom he dubbed a “very partisan judge”. But wait, there’s more! Trump went further, hinting there’s an even more partisan sidekick somewhere in the judge’s entourage.

Now, let’s play detective for a second. Given that earlier in the month, Trump took his beef to social media (surprised?), posting pics of the judge’s courtroom clerk with not-so-flattering comments, everyone (including Judge Engoron) assumed she was the implied “sidekick”. Smells like a violation of the gag order, right?

Flash forward, and we find Trump center stage, defending his comments. His defense? Oh, he wasn’t talking about the clerk, but about his former “fixer” lawyer, Michael Cohen. But here’s where things get spicy – he also said he found the clerk “maybe unfair” and super biased against him. Mixed signals, much?

Judge Engoron wasn’t buying what Trump was selling. He saw right through this web of words and slapped Trump with a whopping $10,000 fine. And if you’re keeping score, that’s twice the $5,000 fine from last week when Trump first played fast and loose with the gag order.

The Judge laid it bare – this isn’t just about a courtroom rule; it’s about safety. No one should feel threatened because of Trump’s penchant for causing drama.

Let’s get real: $10K is pocket change for Trump. But Engoron hinted that if Trump keeps playing this game, he might be looking at more than just fines.