Big Bucks Johnson’s Vision for America: Axing YOUR Social Security and Medicare!

So, the new House Speaker, Rep. Mike Johnson, the man with the shiny new gavel in the U.S. House of Representatives, has a long-standing track record – and it’s not the good kind. This guy, while chairing the Republican Study Committee, had one primary objective: slash trillions from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Yes, trillions.

Here’s the breakdown, straight from the sources at the Center for American Progress: Johnson backed budgets that floated $2 trillion cuts from Medicare, $3 trillion in Medicaid and ACA slashes, and a whopping $750 billion trim from Social Security. Oh, and just in case you think this is old news: the Committee’s current chair, Rep. Kevin Hern, is dancing to the same tune, proposing to up the Social Security retirement age, essentially cutting benefits for everyone. And that’s not even diving into their dreams of turning Medicare into a voucher scheme.

But wait, there’s more! Johnson, who seemingly is more into protecting his millionaire status than the average American, has made some pretty outlandish claims. He once suggested that the Roe v. Wade ruling—which legalized abortion—has been a drain on Social Security by depriving the nation of “able-bodied workers.” Yeah, you read that right.

Our friends at Social Security Works have also thrown a spotlight on another of Johnson’s shenanigans. He had the audacity to vote for a behind-the-scenes commission crafted specifically to chip away at Social Security and Medicare. And you know what’s scarier? These views aren’t just fringe theories in the GOP. Three-quarters of the House GOP caucus are on board with the RSC’s plans.

The Biden administration and Congressional Democrats have our back, calling out such commissions for what they truly are – death panels for Social Security and Medicare. It’s more crucial than ever that they stand united against such ploys.

Millennials and Gen-Z, it’s clear that if Johnson and his squad get their way, the safety nets we’re hoping will be there for us (and our parents!) are under threat. So, let’s keep holding them accountable and pushing back against these backward policies. Remember, we’ve got the power, the passion, and the future in our hands.