Will MAGA Fear Tactics Make Jim Jordan the House Speaker?

Jim Jordan, an Ohio Representative, is attempting to swing into the House Speakership by seemingly using an age-old strategy: intimidation. But will invoking the wrath of the MAGA base be enough to sway the moderate members of the GOP?

Jordan’s track record is, well, certainly distinct. From his roots as a wrestling coach, he’s evolved into a fiercely right-wing and unwavering Trump loyalist. He’s a guy that doesn’t shy away from confrontation, especially within his party. However, the odds might not be entirely in his favor. Despite securing the nomination for the speakership with 124 votes, he still needs a little persuasive magic to get nearly every Republican who voted against him on board for a full House showdown.

While mainstream political analysts suggest Jordan is long on bark but short on the bite, there’s an alternative theory floating around. Given that we’re talking about the GOP, a party known for its sometimes unpredictable nature, there might be a method to Jordan’s madness.

Jim Jordan isn’t just another name in the GOP lineup. He was at the helm of the House Freedom Caucus and has been a leading figure in the MAGA movement from its inception. That means he represents a powerful and unyielding faction of the GOP base. It’s clear that if he becomes the speaker, Jordan won’t hold back on his aggressive agenda, from attempting to impeach Joe Biden on controversial grounds to weaving complex conspiracy narratives about the government’s alleged persecution of the right.

But here’s where things get spicy: Jordan might have a unique ace up his sleeve. Some believe he’s far more equipped to push the moderate Republicans into submission than any other contender. His strategy? Simple yet deviously effective: make the “holdouts” vote publicly and then unleash the wrath of the loyal MAGA base on them. If they vote against Jordan, they’ll likely face the music from their constituents back home.

If Jim Jordan secures this position, it might be seen as a win for Trump and his loyalists, but what does it spell out for the GOP’s long-term future? While some members might be hoping to avoid this outcome, the party’s history of caving under pressure makes it a possibility we can’t ignore.