From the Amazon to Montana: The Climate War We’re Winning!

Hey, eco-warriors! Let’s have a real chat. We know the climate change fight is a long, uphill battle, often leaving us feeling winded and defeated. But every now and then, there’s a reason to pop that sustainable champagne. We’re not just fighting; we’re actually winning some battles, and it’s about darn time we cheered for them.

Take Amazon for instance. The lungs of our Earth have been under threat for way too long. But recently, the resilient Ecuadorians stood up, voiced their choice, and gave a massive thumbs down to oil drilling in the Yasuní National Park. Just imagine: the home to the Indigenous Tagaeri and Taromenane peoples and an unimaginable biodiversity is safe! This is not a drill (pun intended) – it’s real and happening! And when the people of Quito, Ecuador, shut down gold mining in a fragile highland, it was yet another slap to the face of corporate greed.

Still, think people’s power is a myth? Think about the brave activists, some who’ve even risked their lives, to protect the Amazon. 202 Indigenous defenders in 2020 alone! And finally, their cries and sacrifices are not going unheard.

Meanwhile, up north in Montana, our young climate gladiators made history. A group of determined youngsters, aged between 5 and 22 (yes, you read that right!), took their state to court. Their charge? Not doing enough to save their future. And guess what? They won! This isn’t just a victory for Montana but for every youth-led movement trying to ring the alarm bells on climate change. Other states take note. This Montana ruling could very well be the blueprint for future climate trials.

These wins didn’t come easy. It took grit, resilience, and the audacity of hope. Remember the devastation when deforestation in the Amazon sped up under former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro? Or the heartbreaking fact that many youth-led climate cases in the U.S. fizzle out before seeing a courtroom? The struggle is painfully real.

Yet, when we hear of victories, even those far from our own backyards, they feel personal. Maybe it’s because we share this common goal: a future where our planet thrives. Seeing one part of our global climate family triumph gives us that nudge, reminding us that our fight isn’t in vain. We’re more connected than ever, feeding off each other’s victories, and gearing up for the next battle.

I’ve been there, amid the high and mighty at the UN climate conventions, watching painstakingly crafted advocacy tools get overlooked. At times, it’s felt like screaming into the void. But witnessing the success stories from around the world? It’s a shot of adrenaline.

We stand on the shoulders of climate giants – those fierce activists and communities who lit the first torches. Now, it’s our time to carry that flame. Each victory, whether in the thick forests of the Amazon or the courtrooms of Montana, is a testament to our collective strength. We are the unstoppable force this planet desperately needs.

So here’s to the warriors of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. From Indigenous land defenders to passionate young advocates – this win’s for you! Let’s harness this momentum and keep pushing for the planet we love. Cheers to the many more wins on the horizon!