Jordan Digs Deep to Defend Trump – But How Deep is Too Deep?

Hey fam, guess what? Congressman Jim Jordan is at it again, and this time he’s got his sights set on Georgia’s District Attorney, Fani Willis. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Jim Jordan, the ever-vocal Republican from Ohio, seems to have his cap set on playing the role of Trump’s knight in shining armor (or, should we say, suit and tie?). With Trump about to surrender to Fulton County authorities over a whopping 13 charges linked to his attempts to, ahem, “revise” the 2020 presidential election outcome in Georgia, Jordan is making some pretty loud noises.

Now, let’s get the timeline straight: Jordan, in his (surprising) capacity as chair of the House Judiciary Committee, decided it was a good day to demand records from DA Willis’s investigation into Trump. His main issue? Jordan seems to think that Willis is playing politics, hinting at supposed biases. In the mix, Jordan is also curious about any chats Willis might have had with special counsel Jack Smith – because how dare jurisdictions discuss evidence with each other, right?

Oh, and speaking of evidence, Jordan seems to have a hunch (with no solid proof, mind you) that the Biden administration was poking its nose into Willis’s investigation. Add to that, Jordan’s intriguing claim about the timing of Trump’s prosecution. Apparently, according to him, investigations should not take time, even if they involve heavyweights like a former president.

Is anyone else sensing some déjà vu here? Because Trump’s infamous rants about obstructing his 2024 presidential campaign seem to be getting an echo from Jordan.

But here’s where it gets juicy. Remember that eyebrow-raising phone call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger back in January 2021? You know, the one where Trump casually suggested Raffensperger “find” him some votes? Well, Jordan’s brushing it off as Trump just exercising his “free speech.” Funny, because legal experts would beg to differ on the whole “threatening state officials = free speech” argument.

This isn’t Jordan’s first rodeo with trying to snag investigative documents. He’s been knocking on doors from Manhattan to Georgia, with investigators basically giving him the cold shoulder. And in the midst of all this, other voices in Congress like Rep. Ted Lieu are calling him out, even using the “illegal” word.

So, dear readers, while the Trump saga unfolds in Georgia, one has to wonder: How far will some go to defend the indefensible?