Maui Burns, Trump Fans the Flames with Political Snipes

As the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Maui grapples with its devastating wildfires, one would think that all of America would unite in offering support and compassion. But, apparently, not everyone’s on the same page.

Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump decided to share his two cents on the issue in a video message. Instead of sticking to his condolences, he swiftly veered off course to take jabs at President Joe Biden and made it clear he’s still not sold on the whole climate crisis thing.

Trump started off seemingly heartfelt, expressing his sympathy for the people affected by the Maui wildfires. However, he was quick to paint a picture of an unprepared government, accusing them of mishandling the aftermath. Not to miss an opportunity, Trump took a swing at Hawaii Gov. Josh Green (D), insinuating that the Governor’s attribution of the fires to global warming was a mere whim.

But here’s where things get shady: Trump suggested that when queried about the situation, President Biden casually dismissed reporters. But the fact is, Biden had already addressed the heart-wrenching situation, offering his deepest condolences and springing into action by mobilizing federal assets, including the Hawaiian National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy fleets, the Army, and more. On top of this, he also approved a federal disaster declaration for Maui.

So, while the White House has been busy orchestrating relief, Trump opted to scoff at the idea that the climate crisis played any role in the wildfires.

But hey, what do actual climate and forestry scientists know, right? Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz from the University of British Columbia’s faculty of forestry and Katharine Hayhoe from The Nature Conservancy have all pointed to the climate crisis as a significant factor intensifying these fires. It’s not just about the spark, but the conditions that allow these flames to spread so devastatingly.

With close to a hundred deaths reported due to the wildfires and a heart-wrenching journey still ahead for the island, it’s high time we focus on the bigger picture and rally around the victims. Debates are necessary, but let’s not let them overshadow humanity and compassion. Maui’s ordeal is a stark reminder of the real-world implications of climate change and the importance of working collectively towards a solution.