Hunter Who? It’s Time We Talk About What Really Matters

Ah, politics! The never-ending soap opera that’s got more plot twists than any prime-time drama. This week’s episode? Hunter Biden – again. But, if ex-GOP strategist Matthew Dowd has any advice for Democrats, it’s this: Stop with the Hunter obsession, and start focusing on the real issues. Why? Because, apparently, voters have better things to worry about. Shocking, I know.

Joe Biden’s son is the latest buzzword for investigations, thanks to our friends in the GOP at the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice is busy with indictments against, well, a certain ex-president. The contrasting headlines make you wonder where our priorities lie. But Dowd’s stance is clear: voters aren’t spending their dinner chats dissecting Hunter’s every move. Instead, they’re discussing things like, oh, I don’t know, maybe policies that impact their day-to-day lives?

Taking a trip down memory lane, Dowd reminded us that playing the ‘target the relative’ card hasn’t exactly been a winning strategy. Neil Bush? Roger Clinton? Billy Carter? Ring any bells? If you’re struggling to recall, that’s precisely the point. These names were political blips, not sustained campaigns. If the GOP thinks “Hunter talk” is their ticket to success, Dowd suggests they may be barking up the wrong tree.

Instead, what if the narrative shifted to, say, Social Security, reproductive rights, or the foundations of our democracy? Imagine tuning into a debate where politicians are actually addressing the burning issues that make or break the average Joe and Jane’s life.

Dowd’s advice for Dems when the inevitable Hunter question arises on the campaign trail? Pivot. Pivot hard. Swing the conversation back to what voters actually care about. He argues, “What the American public cares about is X, Y, and Z.” (And none of those letters stand for ‘Hunter.’)

But here’s the zinger: Dowd stresses there’s been no proven connection between father and son when it comes to alleged dodgy business dealings. So, even if the Bidens wanted to get into the weeds of defending against these allegations, Dowd’s take is – why bother?

In conclusion, maybe it’s time for all of us to shift our focus from the political sideshows to what truly matters for the nation. After all, isn’t that what politics is supposed to be about?