Trump’s Gamble: Could He Lose His Judge Over Delay Tactics?

In what seems like the latest chapter in the never-ending saga of Trump’s legal drama, Florida state attorney Dave Aronberg recently outlined how Trump’s Hail Mary play to delay his trial until post-2024 could backfire.

Trump, always one for a theatrical legal move, is expected to appear in court this week alongside his co-defendant, the faithful valet Walt Nauta. Now, while most of us would anticipate a routine hearing, it’s a well-known fact that Trump’s modus operandi rarely aligns with anything conventional.

Here’s where things get spicy. Trump, in a strategic maneuver that would make Sun Tzu blush, has requested a delay in the trial until after the 2024 election. Basically, he’s asking for a judicial raincheck until he’s (potentially) back in the Oval Office. Now, why would he do that, you ask?

It gives credence to critics who claimed that Trump’s political ambition is a strategic shield against prosecution. They argued he was only running for office to deter the Justice Department from going after him. Well, it seems they were partly right. It seems Trump forgot that Special Counsel Jack Smith is more of a rottweiler than a lapdog. His request for postponement has all but confirmed the speculations – he would rather postpone the trial, possibly until he can control its outcome.

Now, if he doesn’t get his wish for an infinite delay, we can expect a barrage of delay tactics. But Aronberg drops a bombshell: the reaction of Judge Aileen Cannon to these tactics could trigger a seismic shift in the case.

Aronberg admits that trying the case before the 2024 election would be challenging due to the complexities involving classified documents, the federal act called CIPA, and Nauta’s existing delays due to legal representation issues. But Trump’s audacious demand for an indefinite postponement could be the catalyst for Judge Cannon to employ a strategy of granting little delays here and there, potentially stalling the case past the election – a death by a thousand paper cuts if you will.

However, Trump’s brazen request for indefinite postponement could be a step too far. Judge Cannon might not be inclined to hand him the “whole enchilada,” as Trump desires. If she does, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals could reverse her decision, and she could potentially be removed from the case.

All in all, Trump’s gamble could result in a risky precedent in his ongoing legal saga. Will his attempts to turn the justice system into a ‘trump’ card (pun intended) for his political ambitions backfire? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the next episode of this courtroom drama!