Giuliani’s Radio Rant: You’re Too Dumb to See the ‘Cover-up’!

Ever wonder what kind of stuff is being spewed on the airwaves these days? Well, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been venting out some of his theories on his radio show. According to him, if you can’t see a supposed White House cocaine “cover-up,” you’re just “too stupid” to tune into his program.

Yes, folks, that’s the level of discourse we’re dealing with. Giuliani’s claim? That President Biden and his administration are somehow orchestrating a conspiracy to hide the origins of a small quantity of cocaine found last weekend. He rants about how the White House “never tells the truth,” even taking a dig at the press secretary, implying she’s a “little lying” mouthpiece for the administration.

For Giuliani, the White House’s explanations on the matter are so unbelievable that they practically point to a cover-up. He builds this theory on the premise that the White House, within a day of the event, didn’t have all the answers to this supposed ‘crime.’ Giuliani likens the situation to a police commissioner shrugging off a murder case right after it happens, insisting it may never be solved.

Now, here’s the kicker – If you believe the White House’s account, Giuliani says you’re “too stupid” to listen to his show. In his opinion, accepting the administration’s narrative proves a lack of critical intellect. For those who fail his litmus test, he suggests switching the dial to CNN or MSNBC, assuming that those listeners would be more ‘comfortable’ there.

In essence, Giuliani’s harsh words seem like an attempt to inflame and divide rather than invite critical thinking. But, as millennials who are savvy enough to digest multiple perspectives, we recognize the value of informed debate over name-calling. It’s up to us to continue engaging in constructive dialogue about issues that matter, rather than accepting the kind of narrative that thrives on division and contempt. So, let’s keep this conversation going, and let’s do it with respect for different viewpoints. After all, aren’t we smarter than that?