Newsom Calls for DOJ Investigation into Florida’s ‘Unconscionable’ Migrant Transport ‘Scheme

Shocking revelations have come to light in California, where Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Ron Bonta are requesting a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into what they’re calling an ‘unconscionable’ migrant transport scheme allegedly masterminded by the state of Florida.

Last month, a group of 16 migrants were mysteriously transported from El Paso, Texas, to New Mexico, and then privately jetted off to Sacramento, California. They were left at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento without any clear reason or explanation.

Newsom and Bonta met the migrants upon arrival and immediately began working with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s office, local nonprofits, and the California Department of Justice. Their aim? To ensure these individuals were treated with respect and dignity and could reach their intended destinations while pursuing their immigration cases.

Additionally, Newsom stated that his administration is probing the circumstances surrounding this sudden transport. They’re asking questions such as: Who footed the bill for the migrants’ journey? Was anyone misled by false promises? Were any criminal laws violated in the process, including kidnapping?

This call for justice doesn’t end with California’s borders. In a letter sent to the DOJ, Newsom, and Bonta emphasized the unique capability of the federal department to investigate cases that span multiple states, such as this one.

While their letter does not address a similar program allegedly enacted by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, it forcefully denounces the actions taken by Florida. As noted, Abbott is reported to have taken credit for the busing of over 20,000 people to various states, including a hundred or so to Los Angeles. In comparison, Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, is said to have transported about 100 migrants to Massachusetts and California.

The duo’s letter highlights their stance, “It is unconscionable to use people as political props by persuading them to travel to another state based on false or deceptive representations.” Newsom and Bonta are urging the DOJ to investigate possible violations of federal law connected to this perplexing and troubling ‘scheme.’