Pence’s Convenient Amnesia: Denies Trump Pressured Arizona to Overturn Election

Is there a sudden amnesia epidemic among the GOP leaders? That seems to be the case as 2024 Republican candidate and ex-Vice President Mike Pence conveniently claims to forget whether former President Donald Trump tried to involve Arizona in his scheme to overturn the 2020 election results.

Just last Saturday, a major report revealed that Trump apparently made an attempt “to pressure Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) to overturn the state’s presidential election results” during a 2020 phone call. To add to the narrative, Ducey’s spokesperson, Daniel Scarpinato, confirmed that the Governor stood his ground against Trump’s attempt, stating that “Governor Ducey defended the results of Arizona’s 2020 election, he certified the election, and he made it clear that the certification provided a trigger for credible complaints backed by evidence to be brought forward. None were ever brought forward.”

However, Pence seems to be singing a different tune. During an interview on CBS Face the Nation, he rejected these claims, saying, “I don’t remember any pressure. In the days of November and December, this was an orderly process. You remember there were more than 60 lawsuits underway. States were engaging in appropriate reviews, and these contacts were no more than that.”

Going further, Pence painted Trump as merely seeking an update, stating he “passed along that information to the president. And it was no more, no less than that.” He also stated, “I did check in with, not only Gov. Ducey but other governors and states that were going through the legal process of reviewing their election results, but there was no pressure involved.”

So, what’s going on here? Are we witnessing another case of GOP leaders conveniently forgetting inconvenient truths? As we inch closer to 2024, it seems we’ll be hearing a lot more of these ‘alternative facts’. To our millennial TYT readers, we implore you: to keep your eyes wide, ears open, and memories sharp. It’s up to us to remember, even when they choose to forget.