Biden Spotlights ‘Not Normal’ Supreme Court, Urges Caution Against Politicization

In a candid chat on Thursday, President Joe Biden underscored his view of the U.S. Supreme Court as “not normal.” He voiced concern that any attempt to increase its size could dangerously “politicize” it and warned about the potential harm the conservative majority could cause. Echoing sentiments among many progressives, Biden noted that the integrity of the Supreme Court has increasingly been questioned by the public following several instances of alleged corruption and a lack of transparency.

During a rare in-studio interview, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace asked the President, “Do you worry that without court reform, this conservative majority, young and staunchly conservative, might cause irreversible damage?”

Acknowledging the potential threat, Biden responded, “Well, I think they may do too much harm. But I fear that if we start the process of trying to expand the court, we risk politicizing it in a way that is irreversible and unhealthy. I am hopeful – perhaps it’s the optimist in me – that some justices are beginning to realize their legitimacy is being challenged in unprecedented ways.”

Biden even suggested that the Chief Justice himself might be aware of this growing concern.

When asked about his previous statement referring to the court as ‘not normal,’ Biden clarified, “What I meant was, this court has done more to undermine fundamental rights and overturn established decisions than any other in recent history. That’s what I meant by ‘not normal.’ It’s like the court is going out of its way to disrupt long-standing precedents, such as Roe v. Wade. It’s ruling on issues that have stood for 50, 60 years in ways that are frankly unsettling.”

Biden seemed to be alluding to the Court’s decision made on Thursday morning that effectively eliminates affirmative action admissions programs at colleges and universities nationwide, a move that has far-reaching implications for diversity and equal opportunity in education. This decision signifies a drastic shift away from policies promoting equality and inclusivity, underscoring Biden’s concerns.

As young, progressive citizens, we must continue to scrutinize the actions of our institutions, be they political or judicial, and demand transparency, accountability, and justice. The President’s commentary serves as a stark reminder of the power held by the Supreme Court and the importance of keeping it balanced and unbiased.