AG’s Wife Barred from Voting in His Impeachment Trial

Remember that old saying about “no man being an island”? It seems Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is learning that lesson in real time as his wife, State Senator Angela Paxton, was officially barred from voting in his upcoming impeachment trial. How’s that for a Lone Star State soap opera?

The Texan political scene buzzed as the news broke. Angela Paxton, a Republican state lawmaker, had voted against a resolution that would block spouses of those facing impeachment trials from voting. Still, it seems her resistance couldn’t hold back the wave of democratic integrity.

A new Texas Senate rule stipulates: “A member of the court who is the spouse of a party to the court of impeachment is considered to have a conflict pursuant to… the Texas Constitution.” You’d think this would be common sense, but alas, everything’s bigger in Texas, including the drama.

The gears of justice began turning against Paxton last month when Texas House Republicans sanctioned 20 articles of impeachment against him. As reported, this exposed deep-seated rifts within the Texas Republican Party, bringing into light the infighting that has for years hindered a cohesive vision for the state’s future. Quite the turn of events considering the party’s long-held dominance in Texas.

Even though the newly implemented state Senate rules bar the spouses of members under impeachment proceedings from voting, Senator Angela Paxton can still attend the trial. Perhaps she’ll be there, staking out a front-row seat to the political spectacle.

In a dramatic twist, the Attorney General’s lawyer, Tony Buzbee, has deemed the trial a “sham,” stating, “Now that the Senate has adopted the rules, we look forward to proving every count of this sham impeachment is baseless.” Sure, we’ll be waiting with popcorn in hand.

Stay tuned, folks. The saga of love, law, and Lone Star politics is sure to be a wild ride. As always, we at TYT will keep you updated every step of the way.