Trump’s ‘Above-the-Law’ Bubble Bursts: Insights from Rachel Maddow

On ‘The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,’ progressive commentator Rachel Maddow weighed in on a matter that’s been captivating the nation – the legal scrutiny and subsequent indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Maddow posited an intriguing theory: Trump’s ostentatious approach to potentially damning evidence, including his bizarrely self-incriminating statements, stems from an inherent belief in his own untouchability. It’s a sense of invincibility cultivated by years of skating through the legal system with impunity.

In Maddow’s words, “I mean, part of what I think former president Trump brings into this confrontation with the Justice Department is all the times in the past he’s gotten away with stuff that other people have been charged with.”

What’s more, Trump’s shocking willingness to discuss these issues so openly—now seeming even more damning in light of his recent indictment—provides, as Maddow puts it, “direct evidence he didn’t think he was vulnerable to the indictment. He didn’t think they would do it. He didn’t think they would do it because of who he is. And because of what he might threaten this country with.”

When indicted in New York, Trump called on his followers to protest, to take to the streets and fight. His call went largely unanswered, leaving us to wonder what cards he might play as the walls close in on his supposed impunity.

Maddow’s observations offer insight into Trump’s mindset. He seems to have sincerely believed in his own exemption from legal accountability. It’s a belief that extends beyond his presidency; Trump has suggested that ex-presidents, like himself, have executive privilege.

The perspective Maddow provides is enlightening and deeply relevant. She eloquently captures the essence of Trump’s bluster: an ingrained belief that he could openly confess to crimes on television because the Department of Justice would never indict him. His infamous declaration, before even assuming office, that he believed presidents were above the law, underlines this conviction.

But as the hammer of justice swings, this delusion is beginning to shatter. Special counsel Jack Smith’s work serves as a stark reminder that no one, not even a former president, is truly above the law. Even if Trump threatens violence or social unrest, he cannot halt the steady grind of the wheels of justice.

Maddow’s commentary resonates with our shared belief in justice and the rule of law. It’s a reminder that in our quest for a fairer and more accountable society, we must ensure that those who wield power are never allowed to consider themselves untouchable.