DJT Jr.’s Freudian Slip: A Tale of Trump Trashing Trump

In a classic case of friendly fire, Donald Trump Jr., the ever-vocal son of the former President, appeared to have a significant misfire on a recent podcast. Painting his father with a less-than-flattering brush, DJT Jr. described the senior Trump as having “the charisma of a mortician” and “the energy that makes Jeb Bush look like an Olympian.” He even accused him of flip-flopping policies like a “DC swamp rat.”

Whether this unexpected criticism of Trump Sr. was a Freudian slip, a teleprompter snafu, or indicative of some deeper issues remains to be seen. Perhaps Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ expert mimicking of the elder Trump has muddied the waters so much that even DJT Jr. can’t differentiate between the two.

This slip-up offers a candid peek into the monotony of the Trump-style playbook of character assassinations. The names may change, but the insults maintain a MadLibs-like consistency—low charisma, low energy, and a sprinkling of swampy accusations.

It’s become so stale that one can’t help but wonder if DJT Jr. himself is becoming bored, resorting to unconsciously trashing his father while seemingly unaware of his words. It’s an automated script that even he can’t seem to keep straight.

The Trump Show’s “best before” date has long since passed, yet it stubbornly persists, largely due to the Trump family’s firm hold on the Republican Party rank and file. It’s a reality TV series that’s run too many seasons but can’t be canceled due to a zealous fanbase.

One can’t help but wonder when other Republican candidates will muster the courage to use DJT Jr.’s self-inflicted blooper as ammo in their political arsenal. If they weren’t such political wallflowers, they’d already be spinning this gaffe into new ad campaigns.