Christie Calls Out Trump’s Fear of Debates: “He’s a Child in That Regard”

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently called out his one-time friend and former President Donald Trump, implying that Trump’s reluctance to participate in the upcoming Republican presidential debate is a sign of fear. Christie told conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt that Trump is “afraid to get on the stage against people who are serious,” suggesting that his fear is preventing him from standing up to serious challenges.

Last month, Trump claimed that he was unlikely to attend the debates due to his “seemingly insurmountable” lead in the polls and his unwillingness to be “libeled and abused.” However, Christie countered that if Trump’s ideas were truly great, his lead would only increase after a debate. He argued that Trump’s reluctance to participate must be based on a fear of losing his lead.

Christie went on to question how the public could trust Trump to handle international relations with leaders like China’s President Xi and Russia’s Vladimir Putin if he’s too afraid to engage in a debate. He pointed out Trump’s failures in his first term, including the groundwork laid for the invasion of Ukraine.

Christie, who was once a close ally of Trump and endorsed him early in the 2016 campaign, has become increasingly critical of the former president in recent months. Their verbal sparring continued during the interview with Hewitt. Christie accused Trump of lacking “serious answers for the problems that are facing the country right now” and wanting to “re-prosecute the 2020 election because his feelings are hurt.” In Christie’s words, Trump’s behavior is nothing more than childish.