Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Wild Accusations: Biden Family and Sex Trafficking?

In a recent Newsmax appearance with former Fox News host Eric Bolling, QAnon’s favorite Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene made some outrageous accusations against the Biden family. She claimed, without any proof, that they were possibly involved in money laundering and sex trafficking.

It seems like the conspiracy-loving Congresswoman has gone off the deep end, but she didn’t stop there. Greene expressed her “concern” that the Democratic Party isn’t holding any primaries for sitting US President Joe Biden.

The MAGA cult has been all too eager to jump on Rep. Comer’s baseless claims that the Biden family is guilty of countless crimes. Greene, never one to miss out on a conspiracy theory, decided to take things up a notch.

When Bolling asked her if any Biden family members would be called to testify, she responded, “Well, if I have anything to do with it, absolutely, they will be called up to testify and some of their business associates that help them with what appears to be money laundering.”

She then went on to discuss her alleged findings in financial records from the Treasury Department, stating, “What also concerns me is what I saw in financial records when I went to the Treasury Department, Eric, with what appears to be human sex trafficking.”

What’s truly concerning is that Marjorie Taylor Greene is the one making these wild accusations, considering her political life began with QAnon conspiracy theories surrounding pedophilia and sex trafficking. Remember, this is the same woman who thought a DC pizzeria run by Hillary Clinton was at the center of a child sex trafficking ring.

This latest stunt only adds to her growing list of absurdities, demonstrating just how out of touch and dangerous she can be. As the saying goes, when it comes to Republicans, every accusation is a confession.