Flipping Witnesses Spell Trouble for Trump in GA Investigation

In late January, it seemed almost certain that former President Donald Trump would soon be indicted in the Georgia case. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had informed a judge that decisions on whether and whom to charge in the probe “are imminent.” Fast forward to late April, and we’re still waiting. However, the reason for the delay is terrible news for the one-term President.

Willis now aims to announce any indictments between mid-July and September 1st, according to a letter she sent to a top local law enforcement official. She expects to announce charging decisions this summer and urged “heightened security.” While this may not sound good for Trump, it actually gets worse.

The New York Times reports that the delay is partly because “a number of witnesses have sought to cooperate as the investigation has neared an end.” In other words, witnesses are flipping against Trump like pancakes on a hot griddle. These flippers are possibly among the fake electors, leading Willis to try and get a state GOP-paid lawyer removed from the case, as that attorney never conveyed immunity offers to the electors.

Willis also emphasized that local law enforcement needs time to prepare for potential security threats. Anna Bower with the Lawfare Blog believes Willis is going for a RICO case against Trump.

If this is true, it could mean even more trouble for the former President as the Georgia investigation unfolds. As witnesses continue to flip and cooperate, the possibility of a RICO case only adds fuel to the fire for Trump’s legal woes.