Giuliani’s Desperate Attempt: Reviving Hunter Biden Laptop Conspiracy in Dominion Case

Rudy Giuliani just can’t let go of the past. In a recent radio appearance, he continued to claim that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump, despite a massive $787 million settlement in Dominion’s defamation case against Fox News. Instead of focusing on the voting machines, Giuliani resurrected the discredited theory that suppressing a story about Hunter Biden led to Trump’s loss.

Attorney Robert Costello joined Giuliani on his radio program and emphasized the perceived importance of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Costello claimed that “17% of the people that voted for Biden said that they would not have voted for Biden they would have voted for Trump if they knew what was on the laptop.” Giuliani, without hesitation, declared these statistics to be “proven facts.”

This statement reflects Giuliani’s attempt to shift the narrative by suggesting that the election was stolen even before it happened. It’s worth noting that Giuliani himself is being sued by Dominion for falsely claiming the company’s voting machines rigged the election for President Joe Biden. Interestingly, Giuliani conveniently avoided mentioning Fox News’ $787 million settlement with Dominion during his radio show.

As young and politically engaged individuals, we must recognize this desperate attempt to revive debunked conspiracy theories as a distraction from the ongoing legal challenges Giuliani faces. We should not allow ourselves to be swayed by baseless claims and must remain committed to upholding the integrity of our elections and democratic processes.