Tucker Carlson’s Smoke and Mirrors: Bashing Media While Ignoring Fox News’ Wrongdoings

Just a day after Fox News settled the defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems for a staggering $787.5 million, host Tucker Carlson opted to divert attention by accusing other news networks of corruption. Rather than addressing Fox News’ own guilt, Carlson went on to promote the COVID-denying and anti-vaccine rhetoric of his guest, Robert Kennedy Jr.

Carlson began his show with a snarl, questioning the integrity of other news media outlets, conveniently ignoring the fact that Fox News had just been caught red-handed, lying to its viewers about Trump’s baseless claims regarding the stolen 2020 election. The projection is strong with this one.

Despite the January 6th Capitol attack, Fox News and its hosts have persisted in spreading falsehoods to their audience. In the Dominion lawsuit discovery process, even Carlson’s own emails revealed his distaste for Trump, stating he “hated him passionately.”

Carlson went on a rant, painting a hypothetical scenario in which the Trump administration forced Americans to buy MyPillow products, one of Fox News’ biggest advertisers. He questioned whether viewers would trust Fox News if it promoted such a corrupt agenda. However, it seems the world already knows the truth: Fox News has indeed done that, and the court has established them as liars, to the tune of $737.5 million.

While Carlson attempted to deflect blame by accusing other channels of taking money from big pharma companies and promoting their products, he failed to acknowledge Fox News’ own moral crimes. The real question now is not who in public life is corrupt, but who is actually telling the truth. And we know for sure that it wasn’t Fox News.