Hypocrisy Exposed: GOP Lawmaker Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

Rep. Scotty Campbell, who notoriously voted to expel Tennessee Democrats for protesting against gun violence, resigned from the General Assembly after being found guilty of sexually harassing at least one legislative intern. An ethics subcommittee, acting in secret, determined that Campbell had violated the policy against workplace discrimination and harassment. Just hours after this revelation, Campbell relinquished his seat.

It’s been reported that potentially thousands of dollars were spent to protect one victim, relocating her from the downtown apartment building where she and Campbell both lived, shipping her furniture back home, and placing her in a hotel for the remainder of her internship. Legislative officials refused to comment on the total amount spent, claiming that such information is confidential.

When confronted with the allegations, Campbell insisted that his conversations with the interns were consensual and took place off the property. However, a four-member ethics subcommittee, comprising two Republicans and two Democrats, reached a different conclusion.

Campbell’s resignation comes in stark contrast to his previous vote to expel the Tennessee Three, which he justified by saying that their behavior in court would have led to contempt charges. But the evidence against Campbell tells a different story. In an email sent to her university, one victim provided a detailed account of her experiences with the Republican leader, recounting how he made inappropriate comments about her and another 19-year-old intern.

Campbell’s resignation letter was short and to the point, stating, “I resign from the Tennessee House of Representatives. Effective immediately.”

This scandal exposes the hypocrisy of a lawmaker who quotes Bible verses on Facebook and posts family photos while engaging in inappropriate behavior. The Republicans who covered up this misconduct while expelling state Democrats are no less hypocritical.