Rubio’s Gas Blunder: Florida Senator Buries Himself in Complaints

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has found himself in hot water after taking to social media to complain about gas shortages in the state. While weather-related delays, floods, and panic buying have indeed led to gas shortages in Florida, Rubio’s online rant only served to highlight his apparent inability to address the issue effectively.

According to GasBuddy, a gas-tracking database, over 55% of gas stations in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and over 34% of gas stations in West Palm Beach were without fuel as of Thursday morning. Despite these alarming figures, Rubio chose to vent his frustration on social media instead of taking tangible action.

In a video posted on Wednesday, Rubio said, “What’s happening right now in Miami and in Fort Lauderdale with gasoline is crazy. You can’t find gasoline anywhere.” He went on to blame the situation on floods that impacted the port, expressing disbelief that the issue hadn’t been resolved yet.

Twitter user Molly Jong-Fast summed up the situation perfectly: “Maybe he could call his United States senator?” Indeed, Rubio’s position as a senator should make him the go-to person for information and solutions regarding the gas shortage in Florida. Yet, he seems more interested in pointing fingers than finding answers.

Unfortunately, Rubio isn’t the only one dropping the ball. The Republican-controlled state legislature appears to be preoccupied with banning books, targeting the transgender community, and attacking school teachers instead of focusing on pressing issues like the gas shortage. And where is Governor Ron DeSantis in all of this? He seems too busy threatening Disney and fighting imaginary battles with schools to even notice the crisis in his own state.

As young, progressive readers, we must hold politicians like Rubio and DeSantis accountable for their actions (or lack thereof) and demand that they prioritize the needs of their constituents over petty political squabbles.