Questions Abound as Hope Hicks Testifies in Stormy Daniels Investigation

Prosecutors recently spoke with Hope Hicks, a longtime associate of Donald Trump and the former White House Counselor, as the investigation into the hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels by Donald Trump continues. As prosecutors near the conclusion of their investigation, this meeting represents another development in the crucial case, raising questions about what Hicks may know of the money in question.

The grand jury has previously heard testimony from Kellyanne Conway, two workers for Trump’s business, two former editors of The National Enquirer, and Daniels’ attorney. When serving as Trump’s 2016 campaign spokeswoman, Hicks, according to sources at the time, was in charge of damage management and took part in phone discussions relating to the payment for Daniels’ claim.

Many have made assumptions about the information Hicks will be able or willing to reveal in her testimony in light of this most recent development. She may know more about this case than anyone else at this stage because she was close to Donald Trump during his successful presidential campaign. Also, she may have been willing to completely comply with prosecutors when they looked into this topic further based on her decision to meet with them.

Some people also question whether either side will try to use other considerations against the other during discussions, such as President Trump’s ability to grant pardons or Hicks’ desire for future political advantage. It’s understandable why so many people are paying attention at this particular time given the many concerns that are being raised at once and the lack of definitive solutions.

Whatever she says in her deposition or what finally transpires in court regarding these allegations, one thing is certain: Hope Hicks’ involvement, in this case, has been an interesting development thus far, and its significance won’t be overlooked by those hoping for a quick resolution.