Matt Walsh’s Bigoted Comments Against Trans Children Are Unacceptable

Right-wing Daily Wire host Matt Walsh reportedly said he would “rather be dead” rather than have a transgender child. Walsh has a lengthy history of disparaging remarks about LGBTQ+ people, and these disgusting words show just how little he understands and accepts them. He even served as the rally’s mastermind last year in Nashville, and he has expressed rage over “the devastation they have done on a generation,” an apparent reference to the transgender community.

Walsh recently targeted transgender performer Dylan Mulvaney specifically, saying that he is the leader of a conspiracy to corrupt children. In addition to misgendering Mulvaney, he said that anyone who thinks his views are harsh should think about the lengths he will go to in order to protect his children from this alleged threat. This kind of language is extremely dangerous since it not only encourages discrimination against transgender people but also violence and exclusion as legitimate ways to defend one’s family.

Even worse, there was not nearly enough public outcry or rejection of Walsh’s remarks. His remarks were tolerated without any serious repercussions or resistance, which just gives those who oppose equal rights for transgender people more ammunition. To prevent them from becoming commonplace or establishing a foothold in our society, we must hold those responsible for these heinous crimes accountable.

Transgender rights are fundamental human rights, and it is never acceptable to treat someone differently because of their gender identification. We must actively work toward a more inclusive future in which everyone is accepted for who they are, regardless of gender identity or expression; in which no child is ever made to feel unwanted by their own parent; and in which we all contribute to fostering a society free from prejudice and violence. We must make it clear that hate speech like that spoken by Matt Walsh toward transgender youngsters is unacceptable and has no place in modern society.