Exposing the Hypocrisy of Fox News: Leaked Communications Show Insiders Mocking Viewers

The reality about Fox News has now been revealed, and it’s not a pleasant sight. Leaked internal messages from the indoor Fox reveal that this is exactly what they are doing, mocking their audience behind closed doors, despite years of accusations of propagating lies, misinformation, and fake news.

According to reports, Laura Ingraham dubbed Sidney Powell a “total lunatic” despite appearing to be on her side, while Tucker Carlson reportedly called President Donald Trump “demonic.” These remarks imply that election denial is wrong and that individuals responsible for it should be held accountable, even among those who are currently a part of the organization.

This dishonesty at Fox News goes far beyond the most recent election crisis and stems from the organization’s founding principles, which have remained firmly rigid and do not allow for flexibility or acknowledge diversity in thoughts or beliefs. Everything Fox does, from their news coverage on current events to their analysis of political topics, is governed by this tight system. In each case, they present their viewpoint in a way that casts doubt on any opposing viewpoint and portrays them as always being correct.

Not just their core principles, either; Fox has developed a reputation for taking an extreme position on several topics, forgoing nuance in favor of making an upsetting declaration intended to distract rather than adequately inform its audience. These internal communications, which imply that these people, behind closed doors, laugh at their audience and behave like circus animals with no pride or respect for anyone’s opinion other than their own, serve to further emphasize their lack of respect for their viewers.

The more we learn about Fox News’ internal operations, the more clear it becomes that they care little about anyone but themselves and will continue to promote false narratives in order to further their own agenda rather than present objective facts that might offer insightful information about the problems our country is currently facing. It’s time for us to take a position against this type of hegemonic conduct since it serves neither our democracy nor our citizens, who deserve better journalism than what has been offered by this so-called “news” channel, but only its own interests.