Tragic Shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School Highlights Need for Gun Control Reform

On Monday morning, tragedy struck Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in south St. Louis when a 19-year-old recent graduate opened fire with a long gun, killing one teacher and one student before being shot dead by police. Four other students were wounded in the attack, and witnesses reported that many more lives could have been lost if not for the gunman’s gun jamming during the assault.

The incident has raised serious questions about access to guns in the United States and their role in our society. Despite laws meant to regulate their use, firearms remain widely available and easily attainable – even for teenagers who aren’t legally allowed to purchase them. This is echoed by Taniya Lumpkin, who was present during the incident; she made eye contact with him but managed to escape when his gun jammed.

It’s clear that this type of tragedy is preventable with proper restrictions on guns and better background checks. To ensure a safe learning environment for students like Taniya, we must prioritize reform measures that limit access to guns while still protecting the Second Amendment rights of responsible citizens. In addition, parents need to be educated on how they can talk to their children about gun safety from an early age so they are aware of the potential consequences of gun violence.

Finally, it is essential that we continue to support the victims of this tragedy both emotionally as well as financially. We must also work together on meaningful solutions that will make our schools safer places free from violence and death. Our thoughts are with all those affected by Monday’s events at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, and we must take collective action to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.