Democratic Publication Calls Out Texas Gun Laws Following Mass Shootings

Recent news of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX has left many people across the country feeling grief and shock. 21 innocent lives were lost in an act of violence that could have been prevented had there been stricter gun laws in place in our nation’s second most populous state. In response to this tragedy, as well as 20 other mass shootings that have occurred since then, Democrats are now calling out corporations and state lawmakers for their roles in making it easier for shooters to get access to firearms.

From the perspective of a democratic publication, the problem lies with Texas’ lax gun laws and corporate America’s support for them. Though some may argue that these laws help preserve citizens’ rights to bear arms, it has become obvious that they are not doing enough to protect vulnerable communities from gun violence. This is evident by the fact that Gov Greg Abbott (R-TX) signed seven laws last June into law which loosened gun restrictions – all co-authored by Senators Charles Schwertner (R-5) and Drew Springer (R-30). Even more alarming is the fact that big businesses such as AT&T donated $89,019 between two Republican senators while billionaire Tilman Fertitta personally donated $17,000 and his company Landry’s contributed an additional amount – all of which supported these laws being passed.

It’s time for Texans to take action – both on a state level and with corporate America – before more mass shootings occur in our own backyards. The senseless loss of life due to weak gun control should be enough incentive for lawmakers to make changes; however, it appears profit margins are playing a large role. Democrats must continue speaking out against these practices and demand greater protection from their representatives so future tragedies can be avoided.