Tucker Carlson’s Racist Narrative and the GOP’s Inhumanity

In the shape of the racist “replacement theory” story presented by Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, we as a country are confronted with a disturbing illustration of inhumanity and intolerance. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) replied right away and denounced this rhetoric as “agitprop that is virtually straight out of Nazi Germany,” despite Fox News not doing much to oppose it.

At first, Carlson downplayed the criticism by saying that a national discussion on demographic shifts and how immigration has impacted our society is necessary. However, Wosny Lambre noted how “all we do is invent new white people” to try and make them fit into a category that would otherwise exclude them, such as Irish and Italian immigrants who were not considered white until they arrived in America. His narrative implies that immigrants are partially to blame for shifting racial demographics. Ana Kasparian shared this idea when she claimed that Carlson’s response to demographic changes was to “purge our country of everybody who does not identify with us,” and that the Republican party only cares about its own interests. It becomes immediately obvious that Carlson’s viewpoint does not represent anything more than scaremongering strategies intended to foment discord among Americans rather than foster genuine dialogue on cultural diversity.

As well as President Trump, who continues to denigrate various groups in order to advance his own political goal, other members of Congress who have promoted racist rhetoric against immigrants have also promoted these unpleasant ideas. Violence is tolerated and even promoted in an environment where there is this kind of discrimination. It is also crucial to remember that unless our leaders cease making racist attacks, which neither Carlson nor Trump appear willing or able to do, there cannot be a genuine conversation about immigration.

Although its implications should be obvious by now – reinforced intolerance where people become targets based on their color, religion, or gender identity – it is a sad truth that such divisive language has become normal within public debate today. In order to make any serious progress toward eradicating racism, we must ensure that people like Tucker Carlson are held accountable for the ugly speech they so freely spew.