GOP’s Speaker Shuffle: Mike Johnson Steps Up as Emmer Exits Amidst Chaos

After getting the nod from his party, Rep. Tom Emmer, hailing from Minnesota, made a swift exit from the scene when he felt the lack of Republican love coming his way. Why, you ask? Well, among the sins he committed in the eyes of his party was his decision to certify the 2020 election results and express compassion for the family of George Floyd. Now, showing basic human empathy is a point of contention. That’s a chef’s kiss GOP moment right there.

But what truly might have sealed Emmer’s fate? None other than former President Donald Trump’s Twitter fingers. Despite previously promising not to intervene, Trump went full throttle, labeling Emmer a “RINO” (which, for those not versed in political slang, stands for “Republican In Name Only”). Trump’s disapproval was the final nail in the coffin, leading to Emmer’s hasty retreat from the race.

Enter stage right: Rep. Mike Johnson. Now, if you don’t know Johnson, he’s been described as a “little-known social conservative” by mainstream media. But don’t let that low profile fool you. This man was right there on the frontline during Trump’s second impeachment defense and was a key player in the GOP’s wild attempt to reverse the 2020 election results. Oh, and when pressed about this, his Republican mates tried to boo the reporter into submission. Classic move, right?

However, the jury’s still out on whether Johnson can unite the Republicans. The party’s razor-thin majority in the House means he’s walking on a tightrope. We’ve already seen Rep. Jim Jordan’s candidacy crash and burn due to a lack of support. And both Rep. Steve Scalise and our dear friend Emmer didn’t even step into the ring after seeing the chilly reception awaiting them.

CNN’s Melanie Zanona gave us an interesting tidbit: in the ballot that gave Johnson his current shot, a whopping 44 Republicans voted “other.” So, it’s pretty evident that the GOP isn’t exactly feeling the unity vibes.

The clock’s ticking, and the GOP is planning to hold a House vote on Johnson’s nomination ASAP. But here’s a fun fact: 7 out of 10 Americans aren’t exactly thrilled with how the GOP members are performing in Congress. And this ongoing speaker saga isn’t doing them any favors.