Greene’s Conspiracy-Theater: Baselessly Slams Special Counsel Jack Smith Over Trump Probe

Controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) doesn’t seem to miss an opportunity to stir the pot. On Tuesday, she vented her fury at the special counsel’s recent move to issue a target letter to Donald Trump, connected with efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Not surprisingly, she called this significant step “outrageous” and made vague references to the so-called deep state, calling it the “most dangerous thing happening in our country.”

Greene made her feelings clear during her appearance on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle”, reacting to Trump’s announcement about receiving the target letter from special counsel Jack Smith. For anyone not aware, a ‘target letter’ is a clear signal that Trump’s legal troubles may be intensifying.

Following Trump’s own lead, who characterized this development as “HORRIFYING NEWS” on his Truth Social website, Greene quickly fell in line. “It’s outrageous, I can’t believe that this is going on,” she complained. “This has been happening for eight years to President Trump and every single time over and over, he’s been proven innocent, and the American people will not tolerate this.”

Not content with merely expressing disbelief, Greene proceeded to belittle the special counsel. “I mean, look at Jack Smith,” she said. “He’s such a lousy attorney. He’s got overturned cases, mistrials and judicial rebukes and he has his target set on President Trump. And it’s all to basically change the 2024 election.”

And then came the conspiracy claim, as Greene suggested the investigation was a form of election interference. “It’s the same thing we saw with the Hunter Biden laptop. They want to control the narrative in the news… They believe they can convince the American people that they can’t elect President Trump and that they have to reelect Joe Biden.”

Then came the classic deep state narrative. Responding to Ingraham’s query about the supposed problem of a deeply rooted bureaucracy working against the agenda of conservative leaders, Greene deemed it the greatest threat facing the nation.

“It’s the most dangerous thing happening in our country,” Greene claimed. “Everything you said is exactly how people in my district feel at home. It’s how the American people feel. They don’t want the career, establishment Washington, federal employees coming up with the policies and making the decisions on their behalf.”

For a representative who was stripped of her committee assignments due to past harmful and false claims, this tirade is a reminder of how some politicians continue to indulge in conspiracy theories and baseless rhetoric to score political points.