Heat Turns Up in Miami: More Subpoenas Rain on Trump’s Document Investigation Parade

News just in – Special Counsel Jack Smith’s grand jury, set up in sunny Miami, Florida, is keeping the pressure up in its investigation of Donald Trump’s alleged shady handling of classified documents. As you may recall, these potential shenanigans have already landed Trump a 37-count federal felony indictment.

CNN reports that the investigation into Trump’s post-presidential document wrangling continues at full throttle, with grand jury activity in Florida and witnesses under ongoing scrutiny. While the focus of the investigation remains elusive, one thing’s clear: Smith’s team is far from finished.

So, what’s happening on the ground? According to The New York Times, Smith’s Florida grand jury has been busy sending out subpoenas to several individuals linked to the case in recent days. Although the details are under wraps, it’s apparent that the gears of justice are still turning, even after the 38-count indictment handed down against Trump and his aide, Walt Nauta, earlier this month.

Over at The Independent, they’re speculating that the storm’s not over for Trump. Additional charges could be looming, and more indictments might still be in the pipeline. They state, “The Department of Justice is prepared to seek indictments against multiple figures in former President Donald Trump’s orbit and may yet bring additional charges against the ex-president in the coming weeks.”

The Independent’s sources hint at the possibility of prosecutors ‘stacking’ another ’30 to 45 charges’ on top of the already hefty 37-count indictment. The DOJ seems to be sitting on Pandora’s box of evidence that hasn’t been publicized yet, including recordings that apparently feature Trump in than flattering light.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks. This investigation is heating up, and the grand jury down in Miami isn’t showing any signs of cooling down anytime soon.