Eunice Dwumfour, the Sayreville Councilwoman Who Was Devoted to Improving Her Community, Tragically Gunned Down

On Wednesday, a tragic event occurred in Sayreville, New Jersey. Eunice Dwumfour, a 30-year-old councilwoman recently elected in 2021, was shot dead in her car outside of her home. While the identity of the killer and their motive remain unknown at this time, what is known is that Eunice was devoted to improving her community.

Eunice had been a resident of Sayreville for many years and was remembered for advocating for children’s rights and education across the town. She worked tirelessly to make sure all students had access to quality education opportunities regardless of their background or the resources available. Before being elected as councilwoman, she served on a number of local boards and committees — including ones dedicated to public safety and youth development — where she strived to create an equitable environment for all citizens.

The news of her death has been met with shock and grief throughout Sayreville. A memorial service is planned for Saturday evening at which both family members and members of the public can come together to remember Eunice’s life and legacy. With deep sadness yet enduring admiration, we must recognize how she fought so courageously for justice and equity in the face of tragedy.

Eunice Dwumfour is survived by her young daughter and husband. Our thoughts are with them during this terrible time as they cope with their loss while hoping that justice will eventually be served on behalf of Eunice’s memory. We must honor her devotion to making her community better by never forgetting how she changed people’s lives as well as working towards creating an environment free from violence and fear so future generations can reach their full potential without worrying about such tragedy striking again.