Unveiling The Right Stuff: Republicans Create Another Failed Dating App

In recent years, the advent of online dating has made it easier for people to find romantic partners who share similar interests and values. But for some, like former Trump White House official John McEntee, it’s still difficult to find someone that fits the bill. That’s why McEntee recently co-founded a new dating app called “The Right Stuff,” which is funded by far-right billionaire Peter Thiel.

Launched in early 2021, The Right Stuff offers a platform for politically conservative members of the LGBT community and straight conservatives alike – something lacking from other mainstream online dating sites. Unfortunately, however, the app may already be doomed to fail. This isn’t because of any ill-intent or technical issues behind its launch; rather, it’s due to its overtly political nature and the fact that many users may simply not feel comfortable with what they’re signing up for when they use it.

This isn’t the first time Republicans have tried their hand at creating an online dating service either. Back in 2006, Sean Hannity launched Hannidate – which allowed users of all sexual orientations to sign up – but it faced heavy criticism from fundamentalist Christians who felt that such a thing was immoral or inappropriate.

Since Donald Trump rose to power there has been an explosion of right-wing apps including Trump Singles and Righter but most have fallen flat due largely to their inferior design features or limited user base. The same could very well happen with The Right Stuff as well if more users don’t take an interest soon – especially those outside of traditional conservative circles – then this latest effort could wind up being another failed Republican experiment in modern romance.